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My name is Cat Dean

I am a skilled and passionate commission artist from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. I dedicated most of my life to my passion for traditional visual arts and have turned my passion into a career. I have spent years honing in on a unique specialty, combining the scale and knowledge of mural art with the attention to detail of fine art, ensuring that my dedication lies with creating stunning masterpieces. I take a unique and very tailored approach for each individual  client, ensuring the utmost attention to detail in order to elevate your business branding, home, council, or school. I work one-on-one with your ideas with an extensive concept and designing process with a friendly and informative manner so you fully understand each step of the process.

While my main focus is on custom mural painting, I also provide digital illustration services and custom fine art on canvas. I guarantee my artwork, customised for you, will be a vibrant and striking presence that you will be happy to look at for many years to come.

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Why Artwork and Murals?

One of the most significant advantages of public and commercial artwork is the boost it provides to foot traffic. Murals pique interest and leave a lasting impression, attracting customers to businesses, storefronts, cafes, and salons, which in turn can lead to repeat business. Murals can tell a story and reflect community values, contributing to a sense of belonging, culture, and pride for the town or area where they reside. Having prominent displays of mural artwork also deters vandalism and graffiti, further building community pride.

In the technological age, murals offer the added benefit of free advertising through social media sharing. By creating a branded hashtag and encouraging the public to interact with the artwork, customers become brand ambassadors, sparking interest in the area and increasing online engagement. As a form of self-expression, murals generate a buzz that attracts attention and acts as a valuable marketing tool.

Hiring a professional mural artist like myself for large-scale artwork has a wealth of benefits. With mathematical, technical, and trade skills, we possess the knowledge of the commercial paint trade and an understanding of the chemical makeup of different paints, primers, and sealants.

Combining this with fine arts and graphic design expertise, we have a deep understanding of colour theory, visual communication, and how imagery can best convey a message. These skills are honed to create a unique trade of its own.



I create vibrant and uplifting art for schools, including wall and floor murals, inspirational quotes, and school values. My speciality is transforming school bathrooms into inviting spaces through murals. I hold a Working with Children Check and Police Clearance and am available to speak to classes about the creative process while on school grounds. Let's work together to make your school a more colourful and inspiring place!



A custom mural aligned with your brand can help your business expand its reach, establish a stronger presence, and leave a lasting impression on the public. Additionally, office murals can enhance the work environment and reflect your workplace culture. It's worth noting that artwork is tax deductible, making it a smart investment for your business.



Transform the look and feel of your home with a personalized work of art that reflects your style and personality. Murals have a unique ability to completely change the atmosphere of a room, creating a space that is both beautiful and inspiring. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your living room, a playful design for your child's bedroom, or a relaxing scene for your outdoor patio, I will work closely with you to create a custom design that perfectly fits your vision.


'I have always wanted to make my pool wall something special and Cat did just that! Our creative forces and her amazing skill combined into creating the most beautiful mural! The detail, the effort and the process to get to this point was so easy as Cat is passionate about her work and working with her was a pleasure. This mural was a real turning point for our home as it signifies a new beginning, the important that butterflies have in our lives and brings us all so much  calm and joy. We absolutely adore this mural and having Cat do this for us is so special because she made our dream and vision a reality.'



Get in touch for a quote

Interested in booking me as your mural or canvas artist?


To get started, simply send me an email at  with a photo of your entire wall space, a close up photo of the texture, its location, and dimensions and advise of any access issues.


Based on this information, I will first provide you with a ballpark quote to ensure it all aligns with your budget.

If this all works for you, I'll schedule a time to meet you in person, measure the space myself, and get a feel for the area. This will allow us to have an in-depth discussion about your ideas, and the best imagery that would compliment your space.

I will then move forward with a finalised quote and secure your booking with a deposit payment before the magic happens.


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